Larry's Peppa Shrimp

St. Elizabeth Style Peppered Shrimps

St. Elizabeth  Style ​ 
​Peppered Shrimps

Delicious Peppered Shrimps 
​that everyone can enjoy!

Our Tasteful Experience!

Our commitment is when you try one of our mouth-watering peppered shrimp and close your eyes, you see - and feel - for a moment the vibrant Jamaica. And because we use the finest spices and the precise amount of Scotch Bonnet Pepper a complete experience is about to happen in that special moment.

Larry's Peppa Shrimp | Hot

"Pepper Shrimps are a truly Jamaican heritage with a Classic Caribbean flavor that bring home  some good memories"

What Our Customers Have to Say ...

"Middle Quarters pepper shrimp good but Larry's Peppa Shrimps are

the best!"

"Larry's Peppa   

Shrimps taste

sell off!"

"Middle Quarters pepper shrimp good but Larry's peppa shrimp a the best!"

"Larry's Peppa Shrimps reminds me of Home!"

"The best tasting Peppered Shrimps we've had since we  left Jamaica"

Where to Buy:

Our products can be found in main SoFlo Supermarket chains. If you can't find it on your favorite store, Contact Us and we will help you get it.

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