Larry's Peppa Shrimp

St. Elizabeth Style Peppered Shrimps

Our History

In the beautiful island of Jamaica, St. Elizabeth home of the famous Holland Bamboo Avenue.

Middle Quarters - St. Elizabeth

This iconic Avenue, features bamboo trees on both sides standing tall and graceful and as they meet, their wispy strands entwined forming a canopy. This bamboo overlay was planted in the 15th century and today those who visit are amazed at the gorgeousness viewed as they feast their eyes on this.

Fifteen minutes away is the renowned Middle Quarters, the Pepper Shrimp capital of Jamaica. If you love delicious spicy seafood then you would enjoy the hot peppered ‘shrimp’ found in Middle Quarters. 


Every traveler who pass the roads of South-West of Jamaica will be approached by women on the side of the road   selling the Peppered Shrimp in snack sized plastic bags on the side of the street.  These bright red-orange shrimp are bursting with flavour but be warned, they derive their name from the Scotch Bonnet peppers used to season them.

“On any road trip with my brother and aunt  we were always eager with the anticipation of Middle Quarters for peppered shrimp, a treat we enjoyed on our way home"  [Larry said..]

Meet Larry

Larry grew up on the island of Jamaica in St. Elizabeth Parish. As Larry narrates his experiences as a child you could see the pleasure in his expression as he reminisced: 


“On any road trip with my brother and aunt Barret, we were always eager with the anticipation of Middle Quarters for peppered shrimp, a treat we enjoyed on our way home", he continue saying... 


..."as the day wind down making our way home we were never disappointed when the women appeared lining the road sides with their basins filled with bags of ‘swims’ in hand. You’ll see them signaling you, querying whether or not you’re interested in making a purchase of their fine pepper shrimp and if you choose to stop, you’ll see the vendors quickly flocking your vehicle, trying to get our attention as they flaunt the peppered 'swims' for us to see and smell". 


Larry has captured this memorable and tasteful experience by melting it in his own delicious shrimp, seasoned with the best spices and Scotch Bonnet Pepper. 

Did You know that: Most Scotch Bonnets Pepper have one of the highest heat rating of 80,000 to 400,000?

100% Natural


We spend the majority of out time finding and testing the best quality ingredients possible.